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Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by Crovean, October 10, 2007.

  1. Crovean

    Crovean New Member

    I would like to know is it possible to bypass vac2 in css. I was banned from source games(css,hl2:dm,dod) and I would like to play css again.
    I wasn't banned due cheating. I don't know why I was banned. :/
    And now i'm looking for a way to play again.
    I could buy a new one, but that would be just a pain in the ass.

    So can you tell me is there any way to bypass vac2 in css?
    And is this cafe thingy a possibility and if yes, where can I get it.

    And please, if you don't anything more to say than just: ''lol noob buy a new game'' or something like that, don't bother to post here.

    Thank you for those who want to help~!
  2. RobDollar

    RobDollar New Member

    If you don't know why you were banned and you actually paid money for these games, why not just submit a steam support ticket?
  3. Dj_Asim

    Dj_Asim Full Member

    try the VAC2 bypass by p3ng3L:eek: only hope i think:cool:
  4. MiNdAr

    MiNdAr New Member

    i dont think there is any real good patch
  5. you can try p3ng3l's vac2 by passer but it might just be for cs 1.6, and if u bought it legit contact steam and they might help you get it sorted out...or u could download a cracked version of css with setti servers but i don't know if the download is still here because they erased a lot of stuff...
  6. Ejacu1337

    Ejacu1337 New Member

    Sorry, but you're going to have to re-purchase Counter-Strike again, unfortunately. Steam nor VAC will lift your ban so don't look forward to it. I suggest you read more at I'm sure they can answer all your questions.
    To make a long story short,
    You can't get unbanned nor can you bypass VAC2,
  7. Acren

    Acren New Member

    True, but there have been unbannings in the past.

    (Yes, after valve announced all bans will be permanent)
  8. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    There haven't ever been any reversed VAC bans.

    kissmayo either your VAC banned or you had you account disabled. Personally I don't support cheaters.

  9. Nuke Bomb3r

    Nuke Bomb3r FS Member

    no point unless you actually know why you were banned
  10. Crovean

    Crovean New Member

    Well, if I use any 'illegal'' programs to get into a vac2 secure server, the risk would be that my account will be disabled. Thats something I do not want, as I have many games I have payed for in that account. I can still play my hl2 and cs 1.6 etc.. so if the account would be disabled that would mean that I can't play them at all. :/ and I do not want to pay for those games again.

    Is there a way to copy my account games to another account and be able to play them?
  11. phil823

    phil823 FS Member

    Yes....GCF Files and a new blank account. you will beable to play on Cracked Servers and Offline
  12. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    You can't transfer games from one account to another however you can use offline launchers such as Ministeam or Steam Buster to play games (with the required gcf/ncf/common files) you already have downloaded. For example I have several computers with Steam Buster and Counter-Strike and I'm able to play LAN games with friends (without having any accounts that accounts own cs). :)


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