Help!! pls


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Hy i've downloaded key steam but i dont now how to use it. i enter keysteam 0.9 i choose the game (condition zero) and i click generate i copy the code to steam activation wizard but it say's that the serial is invalid! please help!
And what to do ive tryes about 30 keys and f*** tellme how to do it from zero to activate my cs condition zero ive downloaded only keysteam and original steam from official site!
Dude you gotta understand that getting valid key is almost like combining cooking oil with water, so u gotta understand that its not gonna give you a key right away, Be patient.
key steam is mostly a waste of time...mostly, ur chances of getting a valid key are about 1:1,000,000,000,000,000, unless u have a lot of time to spare, then don't use this program
Buying the game in all honesty, far easier, if you havent got the money just play offline. You can use the GCF's and a steam patcher to play them.

Information on GCF's:

GCF link:

Required GCF's for each game: