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Hello FreeSteam Project community,

I have a problem, my Steam Account has been deleted cuz Valve caught me using illegal tools to manipulate my Steam Account, dont start saying "omg you noob they caught you!" or "they caught you?You dumbass!!" cuz thats not the point of the post! I dont want you to get my accoun back!! My games folders are still in C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\"my user name". And the GCFs are still in their folder too..I created a new Steam Account and when I go to games my games are all there but it says "pre-load complete" so I have to pay..I allready tryed to change the name of the folder named with my old username to my new username but it doesnt work..

So my problem is that after I tell you this..I got a question:

-Is there any way to get those games that are still installed to work? They are official not if I could get them back to work I could play them on VAC secured is there a way?

Thank you for your attention:

-Dj Night
Don't except to play at all with a disabled account. What i'd do is just get GCF emulator and try to play single player or go through playing on cracked servers which also works well iI hear.

Let us know when you solve the problem so we can lock.
Its a disabled account but I still got the games and the GCFs!!

I allways got a noob question: Where do I get a GCF emulator?

P.S.: I have HL2 and Gmod (well I got others but I have problems with this ones) yesterday I strarted Gmod and saw I couldnt play in I though good I can play single-player and played a when I try to start Gmod it says that HL2 is requiered to start that mod...I have HL2 instaled it even says in steam "100% - Ready" so whats wrong? (btw its Gmod 10)