hey all

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hey all,
just thought id introduce myself
im a 54 year old male with long greasy hair
acne covered back, searching a 78 year old female with....
lol just kidding
im somethin6
ive been searching around this website for a couple of weeks now
havent really posted anything
but im ready to get started and
help out in any way i can ;)

ps. why cant i post new thread in marketplace?
Hello and welcome to the forum :).
We have a nice community, so post and stay here :). We help you with problems.

You need to be FS Member, to post in the marketplace. FS Members are active members, who post here on the forum.
After a specific post count you will be automatically upgraded to FS Memmber. This feature helps keep out the scammers from the whole "Post -> Take Sucker's Money -> Run" routine.

Welcome to FS, hope you enjoy your time here.
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