Hi, I'm new to this site

Dr. Doom

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Hi I'm new to this site. I just got the undead patch for steam, but when I try to download a game it says the servers are too busy. :mad: :confused: Maybe there is just a lot of traffic on steam right now.

Anyway hi everyone!!!! :D


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You need to download GCFs or NCF+Gamefiles to play the games throught UnDead.
Try looking in our GCF section.


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I just got the NCF for COD: Modern Warfare 2 from this site ( http://freesteam.org/forums/gcfs-ncfs-game-files/14450-call-duty-modern-warfare-2-no-cache-file.html ) and put them in my steam folder, and I also added Steam up to my folder. Now COD:MW 2 on steam has been saying "download starting" for serveral hours. :mad: Are the servers detecting that I don't own the game?

What do I do? Please help I'm getting so sick of this, thanks.


Dr. Doom

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Well thanks to echo I got Fallout 3 for free! Great game
It took a day to download with jdownloader but worth every second.