Hi, Why me ?


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wuts up,

i just joind this site, because 1 houre ago i figured out i got VAC banned, i was like WTF i never hacked in my life and plus when i use my acount some person named "bot then some numbers" always wants 2 add me but i decline so evantually i blocked him :p but then todya when i logged in it says i got vac banned and shit so i was like WTF ! lol anyways if anyone can help me plz do so..Thx :D

p.s. or try and cheer me up :p
Well.. some one probably used your account for cheating.. bad luck there buddy.. next time keep your account secure and don't give out your info to anyone.. that bot guy is adding you to try to jack your account, if ANYONE ever says something like "I am steam powered staff, give me your account info or I will ban/disable your account" never listen to them.. try to mess with him by giving him the wrong info and you will waste his time :D

Blah long message.. welcome to FreeSteam! =D
Trickster eh? :|

Meh i have over 20 usernames lol. I cant expect to keep them all. :D

Welcome dude and sorry about your loss....