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Discussion in 'Steam Discussion' started by kelfecil, March 15, 2010.

  1. kelfecil

    kelfecil New Member

    hi i need help. I was stupid enough to give to someone my pass.he changed both the pass and the email...So anyway i added my account to the friends list of my friend's account and saw he had changed the name and was playing.. Thing is.. When i tried to add him again today..steam said it could not find my account. So i tried adding him by the nickname and it worked.. What could this mean? Am i going to get my account back safe? I sent the ticket to steam with the required photos and now i am waiting.. Is my account ok? How long until steam answers back to me?
  2. DigitalGeek

    DigitalGeek Full Member

    Your account should be fine, unless they are using detectable hacks in the games they are playing. If the person is then your account might get VAC Banned, in which your screwed cause there is no way to be un-VAC'd.

    Now, how long has it been since you made the support ticket?
    It can take up to a week for a reply, maybe a little longer, I've only seen it take 1 to 3 days personally... but have heard from others that it took 2 weeks to get there account back.
  3. Mistyrulz

    Mistyrulz New Member

    This same thing happened to me but i have no idea how to fix it :'(

    but no one had my pass and they were still able to get into it
  4. DigitalGeek

    DigitalGeek Full Member

    Create a Steam Support ticket here: https://support.steampowered.com/

    Tell them your account has been hijacked and give them some proof that it is your account. (like a cd key)
  5. Mistyrulz

    Mistyrulz New Member

    i did this so i hope im able to get it back in at least a week

    would getting a hacker and hacking it back be a good idea?
  6. DigitalGeek

    DigitalGeek Full Member

    No... unless you want to buy a program here called QuickBreak and do it yourself. A "hacker" would probably just keep the account for themselves.

    If you created a Support Ticket, just wait, Steam will get to ya.
  7. Mistyrulz

    Mistyrulz New Member

    ok thats good

    wait im not sure if you understood that right i ment get a hacking device i heard theres one on this website but would that work?
  8. DigitalGeek

    DigitalGeek Full Member

    The program I mentioned in my last post Might work, but it is not free.
    The program is called QuickBreak.
  9. wad92

    wad92 FS Member

    Quickbreak searches the steam community for a username that matches the password you enter so it will be no good for you. BUT if you do purchase it you are likely to find yourself accessing a shitload of accounts :D

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