HL2 mods w/o HL2


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Ok i know there was another tutorial but if that ever gets fixed you can do this.

I see lots of people gettting the cafe fix, so i will post what you can do with that. Take the Half-Life2 Folder out of there and take all the GCF's used by HL2 and extradct them any where.

Once done with that take the name and change it to Half-Life 2 now take the bin file from your counter-stike source folder and paste it in there now take that whole thing and put it on your ligit account. The game will come up preloaded (when logging onto your ligit)

Now download the mod and throw it in source mods. Thuis workd fine for me and a freind of mine.

You can play in any server. i did this for dystopia. and source forts.


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tried your way man it says I didnt own the game when I tried loggin on Im gunna try again but do u kno how to fix?

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