HL2 stand alone. Need help.

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by darklord32.0, March 24, 2010.

  1. darklord32.0

    darklord32.0 New Member

    A few days go my friend and I just finished playing Half-Life(old retail version) with sven coop mod and I have been working on getting Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and 2 with synergy mod. I got all the GCF's needed, I extracted them, and successfully launched and ran vanilla Half-Life 2(stand alone). Having accomplished that I started to try and figure out how to add a mod. After searching for a tutorial and reading many posts that didn't do me any good I'm looking for help. Can anyone tell how to add synergy(or any mod for that matter) on stand alone Half-Life 2? I'm sorta new to this, so layman's terms would be appreciated. Thanks to anyone in advance who can help me. Also is it possible to play over LAN/Hamachi, or should I look into cracking steam?
  2. p0p3y3Z

    p0p3y3Z FS Member

    i have the same problem. i have steambuster revolution 1 9 9 9, but if i try and make an icon for a mod, it just opens a folder and steambuster trayicon says "Launching Application..." but nothing happens and it doesn't say what app. Is there a way to get around this using steam buster or are you able to lauch synergy through hl2 console or something?

  3. axy_david

    axy_david FS Member

    extract the mod synergy in 2 the half life 2 folder (the one where hl2.exe is located) after that make an new shortcut and direct it 2 the hl2.exe but when create an new shortcut appears anu u did direct it where hl2.exe is
    u must add an parameter so instead of 4 example
    "C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike Source\hl2.exe" it shoud be
    "C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike Source\hl2.exe" -game synergy

    do NOT extract the synergy files in 2 the half life 2 map
    u must extract the synergy folder
    the synergy folder should contain gameinfo.txt , materials ,models ETC.

    2. no u cant launch synergy moud trough console or steambuster
  4. darklord32.0

    darklord32.0 New Member

    hey thanks for the help. got it running now if i can just find out why all the half-life 2 episode one.gcf's i have downloaded are all missing the same gameinfo.txt

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