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  1. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII [ Respected ]

    HookEmu 3.5.5
    • Features:
      • - Language support.
        - Supports SteamEmu & Revolution's Emulator server side.
        - Full Cache support.
        - Ticket Emulation for playing and hosting.

      • Extract all files into your preferred Game directory and modify the Emulator.ini, set all required fields to make the Game launch-able.

      Current Version:
      • - Added: SteamLaunchApp functionality
        - Added: SteamRefreshMinimumFootprint functionality
        - Added: SteamProcess functionality.
        - Added: Command Line parameters.
        - Fixed: ClientRegistry crashes.
        - Added: Raw CDR support (CDR.bin).
        - Added: Functionality for launching & extracting Games.
        - Added: FootprintPath will be now used for Game extraction.
        - Added: ForceOverwrite will cause game extraction to be fully overwritten.
        - Added: Export SteamIsCacheAvailable(unsigned int uAppId) to check Cache availablitity

      • This might be the future FAQ's:

        1. Will it work with cracked Servers?
        - HookEmu does support currently the newest Emulators.
        2. Is there a "GCF/NCF" feature?
        - Yep, Cache files should fully work with the Emulator. But it is probably not bug free.
        3. Where can I find all LaunchId's ?
        - Easy!, http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Steam_Application_IDs (Thanks VALVe!)
        4. Can I use this Emulator in my launcher/tool?
        - You can use it as long you willing be to give credit to the listed people on the Emulator.ini
        5. Is HookEmu eSTEAMATiON compatible?
        - Yes, you can join any Server with eSTEAMATiON.

      • The Emulator is still not the Final version and the most Games are probably not working. I've only tested a small amount of Games (Counter-Strike: Source, Condition Zero, Darwinia, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod) - All of them are working flawless at my side. But as always there are different specifications which doesn't meet my ones. So if you ever get a crash or error always check if you got a mdmp file generated and post it here! If thats not the case then you would do me a favor by editing the LogLevel to "All" in the Emulator.ini and post that aswell here too.

      Tested Games:
      • I love in the SteamEmu thread the list of working games. I want to continue that!

        - Counter-Strike: Source
        - Team Fortress 2
        - Garry's Mod
        - Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
        - Darwinia
        - Half-Life 2
        - Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
        - Half-Life 2: Episode 1
        - Half-Life 2: Episode 2
        - Counter-Strike
        - Half-Life
        - Day of Defeat: Source

      Supported Emulators (Servers):
      • - HookEmu > 3.5
        - SteamEmu > 3.65
        - Revolution's Emu

      • - Diviton: He wrote the Blob Parsing Class
        - ViTYAN: He helped me to debug some stuff about the Ticket shit [​IMG]
        - Shmelle: He is one of reasons why I'm actually able to code/debug.
        - Mitsukarina: I love alot of his work and I respect that, he showed me to not quit what we are working for.
        - ChrisTX: He didn't do any world moving action but he did the most testing of my emulator so greetz to him.
        - RessourectoR: This guy is actually mirroring his stupid politicalness!
        - .BlizZard: Emulator testing
        - Mr.Deviance: When its in the late night he keeps me entertained and i won't get tired.

      Download Mirrors:
      DL Attachement

    HookEmu Launcher Addon 1.0.0

    • Features:
      • - Launch easily any Game.
        - Displays all existing games automatically.
        - Downloads on every startup the "Content Description Record".
        - Icons will be loaded from the winui.gcf without any configuration.
        - You can replace the icons by adding the path "steam/games/icon_xx".
        - Small and fast.

      Current Version:
      • First Release.

      • [​IMG]

      • - steamCooker: He helped me with the TGA shit.
        - ChristX: Testing again [​IMG]
        - Pythoras1320: Testing.
        - RaVe: Testing.

      Download Mirrors:
      DL Attachment

    Attached Files:

  2. not4u

    not4u FS Member

    So you can't play tf2 in VAC2 servers only in cracked?
  3. You can't play on VAC servers with any program...atleast not yet
  4. Baris

    Baris New Member

    i like it.
  5. azureVinh

    azureVinh New Member

    i get the error "Entry 'SteamIsCacheAvailable' Missing" when i use the cracked steam.dll file. But i get "Unable to load Steam.dll Library" when using the dll that came with the rar
  6. lachs0r

    lachs0r New Member

    Very nice. I can report that Portal is working :)
  7. ScarFreewill

    ScarFreewill New Member

    Hi, this is my first post. I just want to run goldsrc mods offline, I've got the latest gcfs if I used SB or Hookemu I'm getting "Failed to initialize authentication interface. Exiting…" I read on other forums that SEMI-STEAM and SMD are the only apps that works at the moment. This looks like I nice emu, hopefully I will be able to use this in the future. Could someone please redirect me to a thread that handles the "Failed to initialize authentication interface. Exiting…" issue? I've tried searching... This forum and it's support is amazing! Well done to whomever is involved!
  8. ghoc0012a

    ghoc0012a New Member

    That's OK!
  9. JDBNeFN

    JDBNeFN [ Respected ]

    I always get DEP errors with this program. Any idea as to why that keeps happening?
  10. Villiam07

    Villiam07 New Member

    Tutorial please :/
  11. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    DEP blocks apps that try and write to protected memory, i suppose steam could mark itself as protected to make it annoying for people.
  12. napzter

    napzter FS Member

    i get error...
  13. hartselricharda

    hartselricharda New Member

    is there a plugin or something to let it play Portal content.gcf and portal english.gcf?
  14. benhall847

    benhall847 FS Member

    "Error while loading "ClientRegistry.blob", you will be unable to use the Cache feature."
    i get this error every time i try to launch any ideas or what i should do... tutorial would be nice

    nvm i fixed it i guess u have to put it all in the steam folder but now it says No Games found. what next? i guess ill mess around with it xD
  15. benhall847

    benhall847 FS Member

    says No Games what do i do to add games?
  16. hartselricharda

    hartselricharda New Member


    make sure you have ALL the necessary files":

    1. Launcher.exe
    2. the "Clientregistry.blob" file that cami in the download
    3. the Steam.dll file that came with it
    4. the Emulator.ini that came with HookEmu, as that is SPECIFICALLY MADE for it.
    5. the resource folder that came with it.

    change the folder that HookEmu looks in by, obviously, opening HookEmu.
    next, click on "File" in the menu bar at the top, then click settings.

    click the [...] button, and navigate to the folder where your .GCF files are at
    (the "Game Cache Files") and click "OK."

    OR you could do it manually by opening the Emulator.ini file. find where it says "CachePath =".
    change it by typing the EXACT location of your GCF files' location. then save, and run HookEmu again.

  17. benhall847

    benhall847 FS Member

    thanks! easy to read and follow really helped a lot! :D:):D
  18. hartselricharda

    hartselricharda New Member

    How did you get portal to work?:confused:

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