Bringing Sexy Back!!
i made a dedicated server on my computer and i kno how to host fpsboosted servers :) follow this tutorial...

1. start dedicated server. make the player slots 16 or less. anything more will lag.

2. make the port # 27017

3. go to your ded server console and type these commands without the "

"rate 25000"
"cl_cmdrate 101"
"cl_updaterate 101"
"fps_max 1000"

now this is the most important code.

"sys_ticrate 10000"

then. type "stats" in console.

you can see under fps it will say 500+ if you use vista most likely the fps will be 1000! if you experience lag on your server just go into task manager and make the hlds.exe process high priority. and there ya go :D
Hey z can you help me out how to get it to work?
I can always start one but people can never connect.. I tried turning off Firefox and a lot of other stuff.. could people connect to yours?
if you use a rouder you need to port forward. port forward needs static ip. and u cant do static ip if you have cable. so no :(.
o and the commands are wrong btw those are client side

server side is

sv_minrate 15000
sv_maxrate 30000

and tickrate can only be set as server start