How do i appeal a ban?


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Look i never thought of anything good from freesteam, haking on these games, but thats till a couple minutes ago how i found out steam people are gay asses, they banned my account, no cheating or hacking from that account whatso ever, the banned it, and all i did was ask a question why my game wasnt working, please i really want my account back, how do i appeal?
but i didnt cheat, t was in the forum, i asked for help becuase my game wasnt working, and then they banned my forum and steam account, i posted the thread a 3 times, cause mods kept deleting it, then i said, mod dont delete this thread till its awnsered, then they banned me
Lol, I think he means how to appeal a forum ban.
VAC bans are always 100% its a automatic process so if you didn't hack on your account using a detected hack someone else did. ;)

Steam forums are filled with 40 year old virgins who live in their moms basements and do nothing all day long but browse those forums (mods mainly). Don't try to get an answer from them, try contacting steam billing and support, not sure but they might be able to help.
I know that, but you can contact steam billing and support for help with your games. You said you were having a problem with one or more of your games so contact them, they aren't just for getting a stolen account back you know.
Steam account disabled? Read this.

Forum account banned? They don't like you, use a proxy to bypass ban and create a new account silly choob. I've got 4 or more banned accounts on the Steam Powered forums they don't really like me.

I know, but they banned my steam account too, this is exactly what hapened, i posted why was i gettin gsteam regetion error when i bought the game in the community tips area, people awnsered, but i accedentily deleted the clientregistery.blob in my half-life folder, but by the time i refresh the page, the crazy ass mods, delete the fricking topic, i posted it the second time too, guess what deleted in 10 minutes, with no anwser, so i made 1 last one, saying in a modest way, this sentence at the end, mods please dont delete this till awnsered... guess what after 30mins, they banned my forum account and they banned my steam account, i fricking hate them!!!!

and in that list, i did nothing what so ever, no hacks, priacy or shit with that account
Why do you think we hate Valve? Because Gabe is so fuckin fat he can't fix anything or get anything done. If he were like .. under 500 pounds, MAYBE he'd hire an off site support team. But NOOO he can't do that. That requires moving, and moving for Gabe is going through surgery without anesthesia!
Just so this is cleared up:

-Steam forum admins cannot VAC2 ban steam accounts
-You cheated, or a friend did
-VAC has had ban errors on several occassions in the past; they have all been corrected
You clearly did something, theres no sense in lying to the people here, not like they can take any difference, or where you thinking a valve representative would put two and two together and think your a good person and re-enable your account.

If its banned, There is no way you can get it back...Noooooo way.