How do i do this..


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i have used undead patch and have a game... its garrysmod and i launched it and tried MP but it said i do not own the game log into the correct account... but it wasn't finished dling either apparently because i went back to steam and dling was 9%done... wtf??


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There is no fix for the game not owned error, and if your game is incomplete you need to use cftoolbox to validate and/or create an archive for us to update you.


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Dude, u just don't get it
You can NEVER play online or download all games using cracked STeam. No hack will be EVER made to bypass that.
If you really want to play online, get a cafe launcher.
And using cracked steam doesn't make u a hacker :V


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where can i find some cracked servers and i know i wasnt saying im a hacker im saying idled a lot of hacking shit like a launcher or two and a patch and some files and stuff lol so where are some cracked server lists