How much can you confuse someone?


I think Marc is actually about to stab someone rofl..

[13:28] erix920: can you?
[13:28] :pMarc:p: do?
[13:28] erix920: you ready?
[13:28] :pMarc:p: for what, lol
[13:28] erix920: im asking the fucking questions here
[13:28] :pMarc:p: im already playing final fantasy x and using hammer to correct a map
[13:29] erix920: can i take the lead now mr.captian big mouth?
[13:29] :pMarc:p: yes
[13:29] erix920: well thank you very much
[13:29] erix920: now choke your self
[13:29] :pMarc:p: no
[13:30] erix920: ill give you three seconds before i unscrew your head and sahit down your neck to whip that smurf off your face
[13:30] :pMarc:p: no
[13:31] erix920: bullshit
[13:31] erix920: only steers and queers come from texas
[13:31] erix920: Because echo419 comes from texas
[13:31] erix920: and your not a steer so that narrows the list down
[13:31] erix920: cpt.fuzzy do you suck dick?
[13:32] :pMarc:p: no
[13:32] erix920: BULLSHIT, i bet you can suck a golf ball through a garden hose!