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  1. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    A brief explanation of GCF's and NCF's

    Both are steam's files, as you install a game from steam, you will get the GCF or NCF of that game.

    Where can I get a GCF or NCF?
    In the forum, there are lots of topics which contains this.
    Go to and search for the GCF/NCF you need.

    OK, I have the NCF/GCF. Now What?
    If you have a cracked steam and the GCF/NCF : Place the GCF's or NCF's in your /steam/steamapps folder and restart/start your cracked Steam client.
    If You use a launcher : put the GCF's/NCF's in the steamapps folder defined by the launcher and restart your launcher.

    Mini GCF/NCFs and Full GCF/NCFs
    Mini GCF/NCF = a GCF with near 0 bytes of data in it, this is useful to make certain games download via steam.
    Full GCF/NCF = A full version of the game, this can be used by launchers and steam to play the game you downloaded.
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  2. ih8ra1n

    ih8ra1n FS Member

    what is the difference between a GCF and a NCF

    how do you crack steam and the gcf file
  3. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    GCF files are game cache files. This means that they are a single file such as a RAR or ZIP file that contains the entire contents of the game. A NCF does not contain all of the games files and folders. Instead, the layout is (game.ncf, common) for the entire game. Within the common folder there will a folder with the game's name that contains the files. GCFs are better in comparison because they are easier to update as well as easier to compress.

    You do not need to crack a GCF file. The reason you can't play a particular game is because Steam checks your subscription status to a game and allows/disallows you to launch the subscription. A Steam patch will bypass these checks and allow you to start and run most subscriptions. A common patcher is "Undead Crack" by SaSiO.

    Freesteam's collection of Clients, Cracks and Launchers can be found at
  4. DeadlyAnGeL91792

    DeadlyAnGeL91792 New Member

    Whats the difference (if any) between a GCF and a Shared GCF?
  5. mookzilla101

    mookzilla101 New Member

    how do i play games online?
  6. Aliks Joe

    Aliks Joe New Member

    I get an error saying "some game library files could not be found. It could be you didn't put the updater files in your existing Modern Warfare 2 game folder. Also, you still need the game if you want to run alterIWnet." Help please I want to play.
  7. wad92

    wad92 FS Member

    alterIWnet do not use gcf nor ncf, they are a third party mod for mw2 that have their own servers and have absolutely nothing to do with steam, if you have a problem with their mod, go visit their forum
  8. omgitsgodzilla66

    omgitsgodzilla66 New Member

    does this work anymore?
  9. snake9616

    snake9616 New Member

    Ok I may sound stupid but I'm having a problem downloading some GCFs/NCFs.
    So I managed to extract the .rar file of Left 4 Dead 2 to my steamapps and open it in my Cracked Steam however...
    When I download the Geometry Wars GCF where the link is at
    it comes in a .rar file, something like fs-geometrywars.rar. So I have 7-zip and, following the other thread 'How to Use GCF files', I right click and select extract files and extract to my steamapps. Then when I run Cracked Steam and look in my library its not there!? Am I missing a step or am I doing something wrong? Please help!

    Also, I am having the same problem with the World of Goo game where the file is also fs-worldofgoo.rar.
  10. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    You're probably missing the NCF file, grab it from the mega NCF thread.
  11. snake9616

    snake9616 New Member

    Ah so I got both NCFs and GCFs for the game, installed and now its saying 'This game is currently unavailable. Please try again at another time' when I try to play it, aswell as L4D2. Please any help? -.-

    And also I thought you only needed the GCF OR the NCF but you actually need both? Further explaination about what files are required to play a game would be nice or send me to a thread that talks about it.
  12. 'Köstaş Pro Ject

    'Köstaş Pro Ject New Member

    Can i just download a game from any other site and install it to C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common and then just put the NCF and/or GCF files on Steamapps?Will it play online and stuff ?

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