How to Hack Windows Vista


FS Owner
Roger Halbheer, Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft EMEA: No, no. For sure. I am not going to give you advise how to hack – but look at this video: I am always amazed about these kind of videos, which still surprise people. If look years back, we published the 10 Immutable Laws of Security, which contains Law #3: If a bad guy has unrestricted physical access to your computer, it's not your computer anymore. The hack shown above needs physical access….

But if you want to protect Windows Vista from these kind of physical attacks, why do you not just switch on Bitlocker (and here on Technet)? If you switch it on, these problems are gone and this attack would fail – and it is part of the OS, no additional fees, nothing…

</img> News Source: Roger's Security Blog