You will be required to open your xbox 360 console.
I'm not responsible for damage or void of your Warranty.
You are doing this of your own free will.
Educational purposes only. (LOL!):cool:

1. Download and burn a game that you want.

2. (Optional) Add mods to the game you are about to burn.

3. Open your xbox 360 console with a torque screwdriver (sorry I don't know which size, if you have a flat knife you can jimmy it open.)

4.Open the DVD drive inside, unhook it from the motherboard and open the DVD drive.

5. Open the top part, or the object that holds the disk so it doesn't go flying around. Take out the object.

6.Plug in the Xbox 360 with the cover off and everything hooked back together, including with the cover of the DVD drive off.

7. Go to the game section, start burning the original disk (For example: To burn a COD MW2 game, you put the legit copy in the disk tray, and start burning it to the hard drive, When the disk is spinning at top speed, (this is the dangerous and hard part) take out the (example) MW2 disk and quickly replace it with the burnt copy. This is a method called hot swapping.

8. Let the burnt disk finish burning to the hard drive.

9. Now, when the disk is finished, insert the original disk again, and allow it to load.

10. Now start the game, the disk will stop spinning and will load from the hard drive, and all of it's modded contents.

11. Enjoy!

12. Here is a youtube link to a example of doing hot swapping:

Once again, I am not responsible for what you do to your Xbox 360 or it's warranty, if you destroy your Xbox because of carelessness, then you only have yourself to blame.