How to Restart Someone Else's PC.

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by XxDementeixX, February 20, 2008.

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  1. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member


    It's a simple prank for those to be consumed by idiotic nubs. Muahah. :D
    1. Open a blank text document
    2. Write:
    shutdown -r -f -t ## -c "Your text goes here"
    4. ## is the time before shutdown.
    -For 1 second put 01.
    I.E. shutdown -r -f -t 30 -c "**TROJAN INJECTED**"
    5. Go to File > Save as..
    6. Type the name you want and follow it with .bat:
    "Optimize Computer Speed.bat"
    7. Save that file. But don't open it.
    8. Send to others and let them open it.
    Have Fun and Enjoi them signing off.
    To disable the shut down..
    Open command prompt and type in:
    shutdown -a
  2. phil823

    phil823 FS Member

    this made me lol
  3. speeder

    speeder Banned

    This Thing Owns

    KINGSTEF55 FS Member

    Hahaha thats funny man im gonnt try it.
  5. Fenny

    Fenny Full Member

    How to stop the pc from shutting down: "%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -a"
  6. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    Here, I was trying to get someone on my buddy list to actually try it...and here's how it went:

    [14:38] deathrat: sup
    [14:38] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: hey dude
    [14:38] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: i need help
    [14:38] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: im trying to optimize my computer
    [14:38] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: and i ran a .bat script (for optimization process) its quik
    [14:39] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: and i need a 2nd opinion on this
    [14:39] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: care to try? plz
    [14:39] deathrat: sure
    [14:39] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: kai kewl
    [14:39] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: hold on, let me get it
    [14:39] <Requesting file transfer. Waiting for response>
    [14:39] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: thar you go
    [14:40] <Uploading file Opitimize Computer Speed.bat>
    [14:40] <Completed uploading file Opitimize Computer Speed.bat >
    [14:40] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: ok then just run it
    [14:40] deathrat: nope
    [14:40] deathrat: shutdown
    [14:40] deathrat: shutdown -r -f -t 10 -c "**TrojanH Execution (x001391) Applied**"
    [14:40] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: FUCK!
    [14:40] deathrat: :D
    [14:40] »Ćřīмşхи Ҳ™: ^.^ you gawt me...

  7. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    I added the stop cmd, thx bleak. ^.^
  8. catdog

    catdog FS Member

    nice trick
  9. LightShAdow-7

    LightShAdow-7 New Member

    ok nice thanks
  10. deltatsunami

    deltatsunami New Member

    That is only useful for a prank. If you're in a LAN, you can shutdown another computer in your same subnet by typing
    shutdown -m COMPUTERNAME -t 30 -c "PWNT"
    COMPUTERNAME being the name of the person's computer. To see a list of computers in your LAN, type in

    net user
  11. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    Yes I know it's a prank..& thx for adding LAN shutdown.
  12. Oliver123

    Oliver123 New Member

    You can also change it from .BAT..
    Right click on your desktop , then choose Create Shortcut.
    Then type in what WWIII told you to type in
    But its a .Exe file , and you can change the icon.. make it like "Steam H4X0RZ"

    I always pull it on my bro and hes like "WTF IS GOING ON!?!?!?!?!" hahahaah
    Its funnier in real life , but yeah..
  13. Qbeck

    Qbeck FS Member

    fun messages:

  14. mikhail911

    mikhail911 Full Member

    lol, what i do in .bat pranks is encrypt the .bat with a false positive encryptor and let the victim cry... :evil: XD
  15. maoo

    maoo FS Member

    Man wish I knew about this in my college years, would have made the system admins life a living hell, the tosser busted me a few times for storing gba roms on the college intranet :S got susspended twice over it before decided to invest in a flash drive ;).
  16. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    Ahhh ahahaha. Ja, that would have been awesome, lulz.
  17. D2A2N

    D2A2N New Member

    That's actually pretty good.

    Nice one, I'll make use of it.
  18. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    You should also at the batch file to run in startup that will make it more exciting for newbies.
  19. DJPieSlice

    DJPieSlice FS Member

    Hilarious. I'm going do that more often from now on . . .
  20. OCELOT69

    OCELOT69 New Member

  21. enjoi4853

    enjoi4853 New Member

    lol, I always used to do this in my school's PC. >:D
  22. Fallen101

    Fallen101 FS Member

    nice job man
  23. MwMike

    MwMike New Member

    A friend of mine once shared a similar BAT file with me, and with it he sent another file that, when in the same directory as the file locked your Windows XP/Vista account on bootup, which esentially fucked your partition over if that was your only one.
  24. Rebthoh

    Rebthoh FS Member

    BAT files are loads of fun.
  25. yours31f

    yours31f FS Member

    save this in a bat file

    netsend shutdown -a
    goto 1;
  26. headpred

    headpred FS Member

    I am retarded because I could not get this to work. When people would open it, all they would see is the command prompt open and scroll the text I wrote really fast...bummer...I suck...

    LOL my bad...sorry to double post but I got it to work. That is funny!!!
  27. noob1232

    noob1232 New Member

    Thanks man really cool :)
  28. kamielftw

    kamielftw New Member

    So, when u restart PC it will not shut down again right? U will need to open it again to shut down again right
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