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How to use cracked steam and download games!

Discussion in 'Steam Tutorials' started by Fallen101, January 25, 2011.

  1. Fallen101

    Fallen101 FS Member

    The question we get asked here the most is how do I get free games and you guys before reading go on and post HELP HELP I get an error the steam servers are too busy! Don't panic about that I will cover this topic later on in my post but lets start from the beginning of what to do. :)

    Thank Echo419 for the fix.

    2. Download a crack.
    When I used cracked steam I used
    but I do not think that works any more sadly. So if not look around here
    Once you get your crack fully working you will see when u launch steam you will have every game now I will warn you that you should never under and circumstance use your real steam account! You have a chance of getting banned from steam.

    3.The next step is downloading GFC I will explain NFC very little.
    Is were you can download your GFC and NFC. You need a GFC mostly for games made by valve or half-life 2/Source mods. Eg. Garry's Mod. Now download the game you want lets say its TF2 you need the common and GFC files for the game to work! Be sure that steam is completely shutdown then open the .RARs you downloaded and unzip them onto your desktop once complete go to your steam apps dir For X86 (know as 32 bit) Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\
    For X64 (know as 64 bit) go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\
    Move the files on your desktop into the steam apps folder.

    Common Issues:
    Please look at number three in my tutoral.

    You, must have a source game installed to play Garry's Mod, because garry's Mod is a modifcation of the source engine.

    This just means you don't own the game and, there is NO fix for this its normal just download the GFC's/ Or the NCF.

    (more to come)


    Q. what dose GFC stand for?
    A. It stands for Game cache File

    Q. Who is it used by?
    A. It is used by valve in most of there games and source mods.

    Q. What is NCF
    A. it means No Cache File what it dose it only points the the games DIR like bad company 2.
  2. electrox73

    electrox73 New Member

    What about servers too busy?
  3. Dan Smith

    Dan Smith New Member

    servers too busy is normal, steam know your download is not legit . i.e you havent paid to download. however some will download, use FTP to get the ones that dont.
  4. Fallen101

    Fallen101 FS Member

    changed a bit for the update of the old Steam files.
  5. JJJusea

    JJJusea FS Member

    older steam games, usually the ones that still use gcf's should be able to download via cracked steam, otherwise with the newer games that use ncf files it'd be better to not waste time and just request for somebody with the game to upload it
  6. Cookies :D

    Cookies :D New Member

    When I click the first download link it says that I can only download my own files. Help?
  7. NickyVda

    NickyVda New Member

  8. andrew56f

    andrew56f New Member

    Where can i find the download for batman arkham city? I dont understand what to download and what to put where in the finals
  9. benjamun19911111

    benjamun19911111 New Member

    trying to get cod black ops 2 ? any help?

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