i got a rapidshare free premium account :D

lol :D i got a old rpaidshare account that i made just to hawe but today i get a measage at my email from rapidshare support :
Dear collector's user *****,

we have just converted your free collector's account to a free premium account!

Please use the following login data to use your new premium account instead.
All your files and points have been transferred there.

Obsolete collector's account: ******
Your new Premium Login: ******
Password: Use your old collector's account password

If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Best regards

RapidShare Account Converter

RapidShare AG
Gewerbestrasse 6
CH-6330 Cham

Fon: +41 41 748 78 80
Fax: +41 41 748 78 99
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.rapidshare.com

so LOL :D


FS Member
yea it's completetly different instead of reapidpoints it's now rapids, you use your rapids to pay for your premium account(you even have "different" plans now like business which has account verification etc
really stupid -.-"


i see that you need to pay rapids EVERY DAY, how stupid is that


LOL it's even worse -.-"
i received a daily download limit of 1GB
but 1 advantage, for 5€ you have a premium account for 100 days
but now 100days*1GB/day = 100GB download limit
for 30days (30days*5GB/day = 150GB (you even have more then this if there is have rapidshare happy hours)
rapidshare is scamming...


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The payouts will make it the future as greed is driving people. I know fileserve etc.. doe payout to but hotfile just has more content on it now because they were first on the bandwagon..