I just finished HL2 for the 4th time... Now I'm trying Smod


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Just finished HL2 for a 4th time and I'm trying SMod for HL2 that has insaneley increased difficulty and much much much more combine that spawn at places you least expect them to be... They now even use something called aiming... Lolz. Sometimes you can be surounded by as many as 20 uber combine soldiers and they keep coming. Smod adds something called bullet time. It's kinda like in F.E.A.R. but better. The effects are sooo awesome and it enables you to dodge bullets and slow down time. I'ts handy when you're against 20 combine. The mod also has some easter eggs like the guy that says "pick up that can" burns cus his bludgeon touched a gas tank. The mod also has extreme gore effects and special physics if you want. Every feature is configurable. The Mod comes with 20+ new weapons. Really great. Here are the links if anyone is interested. BTW the site doesn't offer much support so I suggest you reading the support link.

Download link: http://kh0rn3.googlepages.com/home5

Support link: http://vergeh.livejournal.com/
The only games that I've played/finished are Half Life 1...CS and CZ. Haha. I have to move on!

I'm planning on playing all the extra HL2 episodes when I get my cert back. I also need to wait so I can save up for a nice video card. I already got the memory and processor...so video card's next.
ahaha yea i finished them all sept for hl blue shift lol cbf
You are pretty insane playing the single player game for the 4th time. I played once and that was it.
i have finished every hl2 and hl game released via steam i have finished alot of mods and im gonna have to say smod is an awesome mod and you will enjoy it
from where do you take all that time???


I've just played hl2 original 1 time... don't plan to do so again... pretty boring
I've played Hl2 once, and keep starting again and again but can't be botherd to finish it. I've started playing Ep1 and havent finished it yet, Cant wait for Ep2 thou lol.
Ok I'm getting jealous now since I have a new computer and I haven't installed the cert yet and it was in my PM box before the site went down...but is EP1 in the list of games? I'm not playing any games right now because I don't have my cert.

And did someone here play the Source version of Half Life? Is it basically the same thing? Just the graphics changed or something.

I try to finish a game without looking at walkthroughs but I wanna know everythign about it so I look at walkthroughs...hahaha.
daarty if u like something u will find time to do it... i have finished hl2 more times than i can remember >.>
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