I need help with alot of things

can anyone help me find the Undead 6.66 patch. i was told that i can download it and extract it into the steam files to get free games. i found a coyuple of the patches but when i extract it...nothing works. can someone explain it to me step by step? thanks


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Really? Did you even try and look for it? There is a search function here, you should learn to use that.

Now I've heard that undead patch no longer works (but I may be misinformed), So you should try SteamUp Search For It.


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half life 2 graphics problem

i have a serious problem with my half life 2 game.i mean it works fine but some of the levels ('black mesa east' and 'highway 17' only so far) completely lose their shader detail i mean textures and stuff still work and its performance as well works fine but the levels mentioned above completely lose their shader detail and i dont know why because i keep my shaders on high the whole time and when i mean lose their shader detail i mean completely no darkness no light effect nothing and the game gets really ugly and boring to play and it effect all the other levels too and to get them to work i need to restart the game evrytime and it gets old really fast and whats really troubling me and pissing me off is that it never did this before, only like since yesterday and ive alredy tried uninstalling it and then installing it agen but still doesnt work (i got this free from this site with undeadpatch by the way) can anyone pls tell me how i can fix this i would realy apreciate it