I want HLІ Episode Two


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Hey Freesteam.org (sorry for my langage..)

I'm new here, i never cracked my Steam account.
I have a question: if i want to crack HLІ Episode Two, i have to do this ?

- Download SteamUp! v2.1.4
- Install the 3 files in Steam folder
- Download the 5 GCF files related to the game: (see http://www.freesteam.org/forums/hal...fs/12905-hl2-episode-1-2-deathmatch-gcfs.html)

episode two content.gcf (Part 1)
episode two content.gcf (Part 2)
episode two maps.gcf
episode two materials.gcf
half-life 2 episode two english.gcf

- Install these files in steamapps
- Launch Launcher.exe (in Steam folder)

I have to do this ?

Thanks !