In a Situation...


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Well like the thread suggests im in a little bit of a situation here. Everybody from AUS and even some out of AUS will know about Schoolies... Schoolies pretty much is like one massive week long party for school leavers. Well i have book my room and everything and its all set but now here comes the problem. I wanted to buy either the Metal Slug Anthology or Super Smash Brawl for my Wii which will set my back $70 - $100 but i also need a shitload of alcohol for schoolies. Currently i am thinking of taking 2 Slabs of Johnny walker Red Labels and 1 bottle of Vodka which will set me back like $150 - $200. I currently have $260 so my problem is... should i buy one of the Wii games or should i keep the money incase i run out of drinks at schoolies....

PS: don't spam this thread cause it helps nobody
lol yeah i might but they are all pretty much in the same situation as me except they aren't on Wii stuff but rather other random shit :p
Aha, they can supply alcohol np, and you're covered for your game, then EXTRA shit for you n whoever else ;)
Byron bay? mod ur wii and download the games. drink some of your mates grog if you don't have enough because they would probs be too smashed to notice :p

- djt.
Renegade you Toolie :p

djt i don't wanna mod my Wii because i plan on downloading all the updates for it...

and i might buy the Wii game (probably metal slug because its fucking awesome) and then when i get my Zune from (which arrived at my mates house and we are waiting for one more item before he sends it) i'll sell that to make some mroe cash :D
yeah i would do that but i like playing on the Wii :p and i have played my games to death :D

Im thinking about Modding it but i don't think i will because my console auto updates if there is an update available.. and if it updates after i mod it... bye bye wii