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    What are direct downloads?
    - Direct Downloads are a way for you to access our content, but download at a much faster rate than a normal file share website.

    Why do we have to pay for direct downloads?
    - Because it uses our servers bandwidth that we are required to pay for, also this is a premium service we could not offer to the general public.

    How do you price the direct downloads?
    - Price is based on the size (bandwidth used) and taxes/fees from Paypal.

    How long can I access my direct download?
    - After you are given access, you will have 2 hours to start your download. Once completed, you will no longer have access to it.
    --- What if my download fails?
    ----- Please private message myself or Echo419 and you can get your download started again.

    After I pay for the direct download, what do I do?
    - You should be immediately redirected to the page where you bought your direct download from. From there please post with your transaction ID in the thread. You will then be private messages upon verification.

    Please note: More games will be added along with other content when it becomes available.
Thread Status:
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