IPB vs. vBulletin

You'll have to use both, the real difference is the acp and db structure. Personally I like IPB better I find it easier and better to use, then again vb isn't bad either I just don't like it's ACP >.<
I would say IPB is much better than vBulletin. I just don't want to convert.. I like the simplicity for mods on vB.
The prices are bout the same, around 150 for licence. Its not a good idea to download them via warez, right?
vB is better : Easier skin making/customization, a complete set of options, mod installs are easy and it's safer.

As long as the board isn't big the don't care if it's pirated.
Nothings wrong with downloading retail or nulled versions, if your board get reported IPB will contact you they won't do much unless your violating your hosts rules and tos then again if your hosting it yourself you should be fine. IPB has contacted me a few times about that I never responded though so I assume they don't really care :3 I'm not too sure about vB and piracy there though.
Yea. I've been getting replies from all the people i have asked. Opinions on this matter vary greatly for some reason.