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While installing IPB , at the database page all info is entered correctly. As soon as you click continue or next, (forget which one is it), i get a blank page.
yeah all folders correct. and about permissions, i have access to the computer running the server, so i run the script directly from that box. Setup works fine, until after i enter all the database information, in which the next screen is just blank. I think that my databases are set right because i can access all them from command prompt, and edit them, they are empty thought and contain no tables. But i think my databases probably arent set right becuase there i see no traces on the computer of an actual MYSQL server that is running. I downloaded "microsoft SQL server 2005" but i don't understand what i am suppossed to do with it. some help would be appreciated

best regards mike
I reccomend talking to echo419 (@ irc.bluehell.org channel freesteam). Hes good with forum installations.

P.S what font did you use for the "Peace through power" part of your sig?
while trying to install phpBB i got this error

The PHP configuration on your server doesn't support the database type that you chose

maybe its my php that isnt set up wright , but it works because the fact is that i can access it with the test script..

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Download apache2triad, it has Apache, PHP, PHPMyAdmin, Postgrate SQL, MySQL and a lot of other stuff (mail, php etc...) in one installer + you have everything setup after you install it.
finally i got it installed. but the only way i could do it successfully was through and now, i cant access it through my ip, permission denied. it is inoly accessible throught
That means local host
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And its not local host, its localhost.
yeah lol give him a cookie actually!

i fixed everything and it works great, now i am just looking for some staff! yAy

who wants to help staff!?
well the site is a community site
its about everything , people sign up and have their page and ppl post on their page and the ppl can upload photos vids... there is also a forum.. ppl can create groups , blogs...
lots of stuff....

ps: i might also need some help setting stuff up once in a while
Alright, I might be able to help. I have just created a online mp3 player no long ago with 20+ plus tracks on it. I'll show you guys what I have done afterwards.
can someone tell me how to remove the copyright and the designed by part at the bottom. i see freesteam admins know how to do it..
I can't use the reply button under a post for some reason?

Anyways, just saw a link to this post in the shoutbox, and I can tell you how to edit out the copyright.

In the section where you can edit skins, select a skin and choose edit board wrapper. Comment out stuff that resembles the copyright (<%COPYRIGHT%>, I believe).