iPhone 2.0 out Today


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Just as the image above suggests - it’s here and, ummm, it has “3G speed built in”. It’s a good thing Apple clarified that because we thought the new iPhone came with 3G on the side. We’ve got to give it to Apple this time as they did a much better job of not only building hype, but also convincing a whole lot more people that they need to have the iPhone 3G the instant it’s available. Last year the few stores that had lines form pre-release were blown out of proportion, not to mention few and far between. This year, it’s getting dirty. Longer lines, seemingly more anxious people and we have some stores running out of iPhones shortly after opening their doors. We’re getting emails and comments reporting that some stores are already planning to sell their Saturday allotment today. Wow. As you know, we already got our grubby mits on an iPhone 3G so we might just sit tight and enjoy the AC today. If you’re one of the crazies brave souls out there this morning on the front lines, best of luck to you. In the meantime, we’ll be checking out a few games, a little Twitterific maybe, and perhaps one of the three thousand to-do applications in the AppStore. Man, developers really think that iPhone owners have a lot to do. Clearly not considering all of the people out there buying iPhone 3Gs today instead of working. Maybe they should crank out a few job search apps…



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no seriously i want one there awesome im trying to get my boss to buy me one lol