IQ mini quiz before newbs can post

Should we have a miniquiz for newly registered users?

  • Yea, noobs are pissing me off alot

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • No, the questinos are way to hard of them

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Meh, i don't really care

    Votes: 1 33.3%

  • Total voters
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As more noobs are coming to the FS community, i think we need to make them do this quizz before newly registered users can post. They can only start posting until they get 100% on this test.

Here are some yes/no question we need to make new registered users to answer before they can post, and they cannot post until they get every question right.

Q1: Have you read the rules and FAQ about GCF files?
Q2: Is there a hack for bypassing "Server too busy"?
Q3: Is there a hack for bypassing "This steam account does not own the game"?
Q4: Do you need to search before posting a reqest?
Q5: Does titling your thread "plez help" a good thing?
Q6: Is it smart to use 13375P34|<?
Q7: Is Pacman a fag?
Q8: Is cracked steam the same thing as cafe accounts?
Q9: Is there such thing as Garry's Mod 11?
Q10 : Do you need to close steam before cracking it?

On the top of the quiz, there should be links to the GCF FAQ and the Rules, and they can use them as references.


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the pacman question is nice xxDDD
but i think its prob. to hard for mega noobs ;D
...anyway good idea =)


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Hahaha nice quiz, but there are some people on this forum who would prefer that traffic of noobs, to tell them what idiots they are and to increase their post count on stupid things. So in my opinion, I think the quiz is a good idea, we will see if ww3 will possibly add it, I doubt it though.


This will not be implemented... Topic closed. A new intro thread/PM is being worked on. If some1 would like to write one up with details about the forum, feel free and I will edit it + combine w/ mine.
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