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[07:53] <MYassHole> hello iam new and i have a quastion
[07:53] <MYassHole> .gcf ????
01[07:54] <+deltatsunami> yes?
[07:54] <MYassHole> .gcf what is this have download it
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01[07:54] <+deltatsunami> um
01[07:54] <+deltatsunami> .gcfs are game cache files
01[07:54] <+deltatsunami> they are actually the games that you download
[07:54] <MYassHole> how i can open it
01[07:54] <+deltatsunami> you have to used cracked steam
[07:54] <MYassHole> who can download this
01[07:55] <+deltatsunami> ..
01[07:55] <+deltatsunami> anyone
01[07:55] <+deltatsunami> find a patch for steam
01[07:55] <+deltatsunami> in fact
01[07:55] <+deltatsunami> read the tutorials in freesteam
01[07:55] <+deltatsunami> use the "search" feature
[07:55] <MYassHole> :(
01[07:55] <+deltatsunami> this question has been asked way too many times
[07:55] <MYassHole> iam from germany XD i can read and ask english bad xD
01[07:56] <+deltatsunami> lol
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01[07:56] <+deltatsunami> yup
01[07:56] <+deltatsunami> k
01[07:56] <+deltatsunami> this is what you should do
01[07:56] <+deltatsunami> you have steam, right?
[07:56] <MYassHole> yes
01[07:57] <+deltatsunami> Did you install steam in C:\Program Files\Steam?
[07:57] <MYassHole> no ind d
01[07:57] <+deltatsunami> where did you install it do?
01[07:57] <+deltatsunami> to*
[07:58] <MYassHole> :(
01[07:58] <+deltatsunami> ...
01[07:58] <+deltatsunami> where did you install steam to?
[07:58] <MYassHole> D://Programm/steam
[07:59] <MYassHole> D:/Programm/Steam <-----and next
01[07:59] <+deltatsunami> k
01[07:59] <+deltatsunami> You need to make a new folder
01[07:59] <+deltatsunami> called
01[07:59] <+deltatsunami> D:/Cracked Steam
01[07:59] <+deltatsunami> this is absolutely important
01[07:59] <+deltatsunami> because if you don't separate cracked steam from normal steam, you can get your account disabled
[08:00] <MYassHole> ok i have do it
01[08:00] <+deltatsunami> allright
01[08:00] <+deltatsunami> go in D:/Programm/Steam
01[08:00] <+deltatsunami> copy Steam.exe, Steam.ico, and Steam.dll
01[08:00] <+deltatsunami> to D:/Cracked Steam
[08:00] <MYassHole> ready
01[08:01] <+deltatsunami> allright good job so far :)
01[08:01] <+deltatsunami> go to D:/Cracked Steam
01[08:01] <+deltatsunami> and run steam.exe
01[08:01] <+deltatsunami> it should automatically start updating
[08:01] <MYassHole> yes
01[08:01] <+deltatsunami> allright
01[08:01] <+deltatsunami> now its time to download the patch for steam:
[08:01] <MYassHole> not fast xD
01[08:01] <+deltatsunami> hold on i'll give you the link
01[08:01] <+deltatsunami> lol
01[08:02] <+deltatsunami>
[08:02] <MYassHole> 80 prozent
01[08:02] <+deltatsunami> Download that
[08:03] <MYassHole> steam update and this downloadet
01[08:03] <+deltatsunami> yes
01[08:03] <+deltatsunami> after you finish updating the to-be-cracked
01[08:03] <+deltatsunami> download this:
01[08:03] <+deltatsunami>
01[08:03] <+deltatsunami> this will crack your steam
[08:03] <MYassHole> create a account or what??? nust i do the file in the folder
01[08:03] <+deltatsunami> create a NEW account
01[08:03] <+deltatsunami> a SEPARATE account
01[08:04] <+deltatsunami> from your normal one
[08:04] <MYassHole> ok wait
01[08:05] <+deltatsunami> did you already download the needed .gcfs?
[08:05] <MYassHole> yes
[08:06] <MYassHole> ready
[08:06] <MYassHole> what i mus do next`
01[08:06] <+deltatsunami> k
[08:06] <MYassHole> I have a 4 in english in my school xD
01[08:06] <+deltatsunami> lol
01[08:06] <+deltatsunami> k
01[08:06] <+deltatsunami> anyway
01[08:07] <+deltatsunami> there should be a folder called D:/Cracked Steam/steamapps
01[08:07] <+deltatsunami> if there isn't
01[08:07] <+deltatsunami> create oen
[08:07] <MYassHole> yes
[08:07] <MYassHole> waht i must do with the crack?
01[08:08] <+deltatsunami> oh yeah
01[08:08] <+deltatsunami> i forgot about that xD
01[08:08] <+deltatsunami> download the undeadpatch3-3-3
01[08:08] <+deltatsunami> and then copy it into cracked steam
01[08:08] <+deltatsunami> and run it
[08:08] <MYassHole> mus the steam on or off?
[08:08] <MYassHole> i mean close steam or habe it open
[08:08] <MYassHole> xD
[08:10] <MYassHole> i have it cracked
01[08:10] <+deltatsunami> are you sure?
[08:10] <MYassHole> no xD
01[08:10] <+deltatsunami> k
01[08:10] <+deltatsunami> exit steam
01[08:10] <+deltatsunami> EXIT
01[08:10] <+deltatsunami> and then
[08:10] <MYassHole> mom
01[08:10] <+deltatsunami> run undeadpath
01[08:10] <+deltatsunami> patch*
[08:10] <MYassHole> ok
[08:11] <MYassHole> next?
[08:11] <MYassHole> backub no or?
01[08:12] <+deltatsunami> yes
01[08:12] <+deltatsunami> backup
[08:12] <MYassHole> the next quation y or n
01[08:12] <+deltatsunami> y
01[08:12] <+deltatsunami> just press y
01[08:12] <+deltatsunami> the whole wya through
[08:12] <MYassHole> next start steam? or waht?
[08:13] <MYassHole> hello?
01[08:13] <+deltatsunami> ?
01[08:13] <+deltatsunami> start cracked steam
01[08:13] <+deltatsunami> :)
01[08:13] <+deltatsunami> no wait
01[08:13] <+deltatsunami> before you do that
01[08:13] <+deltatsunami> copy your .gcf files
[08:13] <MYassHole> to late xD
01[08:13] <+deltatsunami> to steamapps
01[08:14] <+deltatsunami> close steam
01[08:14] <+deltatsunami> then
01[08:14] <+deltatsunami> lol
[08:14] <MYassHole> ok what must be do whit the data
[08:15] <MYassHole> i am waiting xD
[08:15] <MYassHole> ?
01[08:15] <+deltatsunami> you copied all the necessary .gcfs to D:/Program Files/Steamapps?
01[08:15] <+deltatsunami> and be patient for christ's sake
[08:16] <MYassHole> start steam?
01[08:16] <+deltatsunami> after you copied
01[08:16] <+deltatsunami> start cracked steam
01[08:16] <+deltatsunami> yes
01[08:16] <+deltatsunami> log into your account
[08:16] <MYassHole> really xD
01[08:16] <+deltatsunami> your new account*
01[08:16] <+deltatsunami> and find the game that you wanted to play
01[08:16] <+deltatsunami> that you copied the .gcfs to
01[08:16] <+deltatsunami> and play it
01[08:16] <+deltatsunami> end of story
[08:17] <MYassHole> so amny games :O
[08:17] <MYassHole> that all vollverisons?
[08:18] <MYassHole> thank you
[08:18] <MYassHole> but
[08:18] <MYassHole> i cant satrt half life
[08:19] <MYassHole> The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your reques.
[08:19] <MYassHole> what i must do?
[08:20] <MYassHole> hello?
01[08:21] <+deltatsunami> because
01[08:21] <+deltatsunami> YOU DIDN'T
01[08:21] <+deltatsunami> COPY THE GOD DAMN
01[08:21] <+deltatsunami> GCFS
01[08:21] <+deltatsunami> YOU NEED THEM IN ORDER TO PLAY
02[08:24] * MYassHole ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
03[08:24] * MYassHole ([email protected]) has joined #FS
[08:24] <MYassHole> lol help me
[08:24] <MYassHole> please
[08:25] <MYassHole> HELLO?
01[08:25] <+deltatsunami> what
[08:25] <MYassHole> :(
01[08:25] <+deltatsunami> i told you
01[08:25] <+deltatsunami> get the .gcfs
01[08:25] <+deltatsunami> and then y ou can play
[08:25] <MYassHole> the half liufe game doesnt start
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> I KNOW THAT FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> COPY THE GOD
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> MOTHERUFCKING
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> CHRIST-CUMMD
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> FUCKING
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> HALF LIFE .GCFS!!!!!!!
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> TO YOUR STEAMAPPS FOLDER!!!#!3
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> IF YOU DON'T HAVE THEM
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> DOWNLOAD THEM!!!!!
[08:26] <MYassHole> i have do it and i see the game but
[08:26] <MYassHole> that is downlaodet
[08:26] <MYassHole> or so
01[08:26] <+deltatsunami> zomg
01[08:27] <+deltatsunami> this is way too stupid

This is what happens when you be nice to people and try to help them out.


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That's one heck of a chat log.
See what a mean delta, ure so mean =P
I really think we need to give them a 10 question iq test before they can post.

Here are some yes/no question we need to make new registered users to answer before they can post, and they cannot post until they get every question right.

Q1: Do i need to close steam before patching it?
Q2: Is there a hack for bypassing "Server too busy"?
Q3: Is there a hack for bypassing "This steam account does not own the game"?
Q4: Do you need to search before posting a reqest
Q5: Does naming your thread "Help" a good thing?
Q6: Is it smart to use 13375P34|<?
Q7: Is Pacman a fag?
Q8: Is cracked steam the same thing as cafe accounts?
Q9: Is there such thing as Garry's Mod 11?
Q10 : Have you read the rules and FAQ about GCF files?