Is h4xing in css bad?


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Well if you want to get banned then its a good thing, but that would be a waste of money then, if its a cracked account then well its still bad because it ruins the game for others!!


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Well a walk bot is not too bad, im talking about speed hacks, aimbots and wall hacks, they ruin it for others, even though it can be fun i know ^_^.


wall hack is when you can see through the walls in the game .. :)

cs:s is kind'a good it's much much easier to play than CS 1.6

and wtf are those bot's in the game, you just run a script or what and it plays for you? :D ??? wtf wtf wtf ???


You might enjoy playing using hacks but the players on the opponent side might have a different thought, I just don't like to be in that scenario.


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lol ... its the same if u hack in css , cz ,cs u get same f... bann!

( i will tell valve about u h4x ) :p

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