Is this a good account new details included!


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Alright, I need to know how much I could get for this account.

It is not Vac Banned.
It is a 7 digit.

It has these games.

These prices are just estimates on buying them new.

Counter-strike - $15
Coutner-strike Source - $10
Day of Defeat - included with cs
Day Of Defeat Source - $10
Half Life - Included with cs
Call of Duty 2 - $15
Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare - $50
Company of Heros : Opposing Forces - $30
Death match Classic - Included with cs
Garry's Mod - $10
Half Life 2 - Included with css
Half life 2 Deathmatch - Free
Half life 2 Lost Coast - Free
Half life Blue Shift - Included with cs
Opposing force - Included with cs
Portal - Free i think
Red Orchestra - $20
Ricochet - Included with cs
Team Fortress Classic - Included with cs

So my Total Value of all of this stuff new would be - $160

It's a good account, I'm debating on keeping it, or selling it, it depends on the price.

PS : don't say $10 .... lol

Alright I see you guys all jumped on me for it being stolen last time, I wasn't on, and the thread got closed, so here it goes.

Alright I did steal the account, But here's why this kid can't get his account back... He doesn't have access to his Email Anymore :), Believe me he can't get his account back. I'm just asking how much You guys would pay me for this Account IF i was selling it, Please don't give me smartass answers again, This account WOULD NOT be taken back, I just want to see how much it's worth before I decide what to do with it.


I'd keep it. Nice backup/main account. Uhm, value at about $50.00 although you could probably get more if you were willing to wait.


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i rekon $40 max. You can get most of those games for under $20 on alot of forums and COD4 serials can be bought for only like $5-$10