iSteam/AVSMP 2.6


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A New Steam Memory Patcher
Play games freely on steam

iSteam/AVSMP Features:
Show all games/tools in steam
Filter ValveTestApps
Can show Installed games Only (iSteam.ini)
Can show ValveTestApps in the game list (iSteam.ini)
Download Trackmania Nations Forever (iSteam.ini)
Can be used to host cracked servers
Disable Steam Minidump Creation (Fake Friend)
Download newest half-life engine.gcf (Fake Friend)
Download newest counter-strike source client.gcf (Fake Friend)
Serverbrowser in Left 4 Dead
Multiwinia start in "Accepted" mode
No CD-Key needed to play Doom3
Force Offline Mode (iSteam.ini)
Steam Validation rejected is removed
Failed to contact key server is removed
ATI and Nvidia offer patch (iSteam.ini)
Replace email address (iSteam.ini)
Disable Steam.log output (iSteam.ini)
Play free games online such as Synergy
Play games with custom protection such as Race.
Bypass the PurchaseCountry check (iSteam.ini)
Replaced the "sponsor" picture.
A log file is created, please post it if you are having any problems.
A fake friend called "API" is added to the friends list, send /Help to see commands
Launch outdated games (NCF games) (iSteam.ini)
DLC Ownership patch (iSteam.ini)
Lobby patch (L4D, L4D2)
iSteam.exe supports -remove, -install, -close (like UnDead.Injector).

iSteam/AVSMP Change Log:

Version 2.1
New iSteam.exe supports -remove, -install, -close (like UnDead.Injector).
A fake friend called "API" is added to the friends list, send /Help to see commands.
Left 4 Dead start with "sv_lan 1".
Left 4 Dead 2 start with "sv_lan 1".
Using rain.dll from steamCooker.
Visual C++ 2010 runtime files included in rar file.
Removed "Disable Minidump Creation" from ini.
New sponsor picture.

Version 2.2
Fixed Steam sometimes crash when you start it.
Removed some useless stuff from game list.

Version 2.3
Fixed GoldSrc games.

Version 2.4
Added ForceLaunchApp (Thanks to syahmixp )
Fixed Dark Messiah Might and Magic Singleplayer and Multiplayer
Removed Steam Offorce mode (Will be added back later)
Download newest half-life engine.gcf with the fake friend
iSteam.txt added
Start Steam with subscription 61 (iSteam.ini)
Fixed "No Connection" bug

Version 2.5
Added DLC Ownership patch (iSteam.ini)

Version 2.6
Fixed/Updated validation/SteamID code
Fixed hooked Steam.dll functions
Added lobby patch (L4D, L4D2)
Download newest counter-strike source client.gcf (Fake Friend)

Copy the .bat files, iSteam.dll, iSteam.ini and iSteam.exe to your steam folder, Edit iSteam.ini as you like it and start Steam with with the .bat file you want or just iSteam.exe.

Darth Revan

If the patcher doesn't work, install this: Download details: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
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hey i used this like 2-3 days ago, it worked fine but now when i open it steam's starting to update and then it says Steam is toprarily unvailable, please try again later. so is it because of me or the crack?


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sorry for retarded question, but what do i do with the steam.ini thing to make it work???
EDIT: nvm. but my friends list is empty, it says i need to add a game to add friends. how do i add API???


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so i installed it and it works, but what do i use it for? i cant download the games from it... or can i?
I also am a bit confused i didn't get API and wel i try to play css it says steam validation rejected while this schould have been removed
what am i doing wrong ?


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The steam validation rejected is not removed (for me). If i try connect to Team Fortress 2 server, it says: steam validation rejected


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so i download it the game on gcf file then i undead pathc my steam then it says steam too busy and even if i try to use isteam it still says server too busy when i click play the game


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I got a game but it isnt shown in my steam profile... and also i cant add friends.. and when i play super meat boy when i did something required for the achievement... the achievement doesnt unlock or shown in the lower right corner

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