just wondering if anyone would be nice enough to do this

Discussion in 'The Chat' started by smp711, March 24, 2010.

  1. smp711

    smp711 FS Member

    ok, here my story

    ive been trying to do this stuff for pretty much a day and i think im just to stupid to do it
    but i was wondering if anyone on here who can be trusted could use teamviewer and download the games i want on my pc and stuff like that in the near future when i get money i will add it to your paypal account.
    i promise im not trying to be lazy or scam you outta money just i really want to play all the valve games

    please anyone thats nice ill be happy if somone just does a couple games and i can do anyhours any days too i can leave my computer on all day just so someone can help me

    thank you for those who ca help me.
  2. psuchris

    psuchris FS Member

    so you want someone to use teamviewer and download the .gcfs from this site on your computer and patch your steam and everything and eventually you will pay them for it? how much are you gonna pay? :p
  3. Lowdown777

    Lowdown777 FS Member RESPECT ECHO419&WW3

    Listening. Lol.
  4. smp711

    smp711 FS Member

    depending how much you do like if you just do a game ill give like 5-10 bucks i say if you can get half-life source, hl3 episode 1,2, blue shift, oppsing force, and left for dead 1,2 i would be willing to pay up to $50+ maybe almost $100

    Edit: also hl2:lost coast aswell
  5. Lowdown777

    Lowdown777 FS Member RESPECT ECHO419&WW3

    But you don't care if it is cracked?

    You will still need to download the patcher or launcher to play them.
  6. smp711

    smp711 FS Member

    ill need them to be cracked i wanna be able to play them lol, i really hope someone will be able to help me out
  7. Jake

    Jake Full Member

    Use this:
    Then install it (There's a tutorial)

    and this:
    And then search for any GCF you want here:

    Then add the links of parts into Jdownloader and it will do it automatically.

    After all parts are downloaded, open the first part and then extract it to steam/steamapps.
  8. smp711

    smp711 FS Member

    i just tried all of this stuff and like none of this stuffed worked for mw how about someone uses team view and like do one to show me what to do.
  9. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    Send me $10 first and I will get everything you need.

    When I am done, you send the rest :).

    You PM me and we'll set this up.
  10. smp711

    smp711 FS Member

    if I had 10$ i would but ok i tried like oppsion forces i put the .cfg file into my steam apps folder and then ran the steam up launcher now what after that? doi download it from steam or is it suppose to do something else?
  11. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    I thought you said you had the $
  12. smp711

    smp711 FS Member

    no sadly i have no money on my paypal account and i ahve no money in my bank account :( all ihave is $30 in my pocket right now :(

    now no one proably will do this for me :(
  13. wad92

    wad92 FS Member

    hmm...so what you want is for someone to set up cracked steam for you? Seriously everything is provided here including tutorials, if you still cannot get anything to work then you dont deserve the free games being provided to you
  14. smp711

    smp711 FS Member

    ok guys i just followed all the tutiroals and stuff and i downloaded hf:s and the hookemu. amd when i ran it it said it couldnt find it so i was like whatever ill just play some hf2 well when i did that all my data got corrupted and i couldnt play any of my steam games so i uninstalled steam and redownloaded it and got all m games back but did i do wrong?

    can anyone help answer my problem what di i do wrong that it corrupted my data. and also after i download the cfg and ran that launcher it didnt find the game what did i do wrong guys. please someone help me out. im leaving for vegas soon and so ill need some games for while im staying there
  15. TinySponge

    TinySponge FS Member

    just download the game itself off piratebay, much easier than mucking about with steam crackers and gcf crap.
  16. leyshadow

    leyshadow FS Member

    WTH is the point of this post? Hey smp, what hacked steam are you using again?
  17. borderlands

    borderlands New Member

    if your going to pay someone to do it you might as well just buy the game.

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