Kaspersky 2010 key! request here!


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I have a reg key for Kaspersky that works till 2010, its the only one I have found so far, all the Kaspersky lovers, reply with this format:


I also have many many keys that work they are not very hard to find... if/when hugz gets annoyed with this you can ask me
that would mean you'll have to ban me too, because i already have it
do you want to ban me? no, you don't want to. or do you?
i'm kinda afraid of the answer xD
Using same key wont get you baned or disabled your av..

EDIT: WWIII check your PM box.. and OMFG famous person using the same av as me OMG OMG.. =D
Actually, I dont use kapersky.. I have a legit NOD32 License :D
Both NOD32 and Kaspersky are good, I don't need a key I've done a tweak in the registry for Kaspersky which makes it act like the full version + updates. :p
download it off there website lol... and with the .key file after installing, it will ask if u have a license u just have to then browse for the .key file and select it. Unlike most other programs you dont have to input a serial key
I have a key for that somewhere... pm me your msn and i will send you alot of keys for different products they have >.> i cant be fucked looking through them
Check your email, note: they key is attached to the email, so don't come here and say wheres the link? o_0
I usually change Anti-Virus every couple of months so i only ever use 1 year ones. Your going update your anti virus before 2010 surely.
hey, I noticed you made that forum thread about having a cd key for Kaspersky till 2010. i was like thats pretty amazing stuff.. I added you to my buddy list so we can communicate later. Names Aj btw and if you need anything let me know. email is [email protected]
Aim: ookrzyrebeloo
Thanks for your time. TTYL
- aj