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    About the Program:
    Kaspersky Anti-virus is an antivirus program developed by Kaspersky Lab. It is designed to protect users from malware and is primarily designed for computers running Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X, though a version for Linux is available for business consumers.

    Kaspersky Anti-virus

    GET KEY V.1.2

    It is an executable, not installable, allowing us to automatically download keys or keys that we need to expand our shelf life of any version of Kaspersky antivirus. This executable saves many minutes looking like crazy in all kinds of pages where a few simple keys they put a song that weigh more.. This program is the only thing that will bring down keys to go up daily. The speed and certainty with which it works is paramount here.


    Steps to download the keys:

    01. Download the rar file in any folder.


    02.Unzip the executable named GetKey.exe in any desired folder.


    03. Run the program and choose the version of antivirus that you are using.


    04.Choose a folder where you want to download the keys.


    05.Extracting keys file you downloaded.


    Steps to install the keys:

    a. Desconectarse de Internet. 1. Open the window and enter the virus: 1. Licencia, 2. On the business license and 3.
    In box write any of the following codes:

    Then press where it says Next:


    b. We will get a error window saying that the key works and we do not check a box where we will find the key to install. You must have the internet disconnected,becouseif you dont you will not see this option. search the path where you extracted the keys, click one and press open


    c. As you can see the key entered is valid since the executable always download the most updated daily. In my case gave me a key with 64 days.


    If someone have a problem just PM me or leave a post :D

    NOT WORKING ANY MORE, and There is a new version of the anti-Virus, Here is the new threat for anyone that needs it

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    Pretty cool, i think i should make the point of resizing the images, loading is taking long and page with increased so it is harder to read
  3. PsychoGamer

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    ok but what sizes would be good?


    Hey if anyone know a new way to yet Kaspersky working for free please let me now because this one is not working anymore
    EDIT:LOL epic fail, after trying several times it works :D
  4. SHYoshi

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    I actually already have that Anti-virus.. i have the (Pay) version.

    Just to says.
  5. maqzek

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    OLD!!!!!!11111 DERS 2011 OUT ALRDY!!!!1

    100 POSTS AYAY!YYY!!!!!!!
  6. lark

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    Maqzek, post the newest one then :p
  7. maqzek

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