kid tries to steal a steam account

Discussion in 'The Chat' started by nightreaper999, August 9, 2007.

  1. nightreaper999

    nightreaper999 Bringing Sexy Back!!

    this is so funny :)

    br0kenrabbit says: hi
    Greg_ValveOLS says: good evening
    br0kenrabbit says: What's ip? b
    r0kenrabbit says: up?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: my name is greg a member of the valve online Support team
    br0kenrabbit says: On MSN?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: yes :)
    br0kenrabbit says: Why?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: we logged multiple ips from your account and ned to verifi your information
    br0kenrabbit says: My information?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: we believe someone may have stolen your account mmmm you havent shared youre account infomation with anyone have you?
    br0kenrabbit says: No. I don't even have it written down.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: hmmm maybe a keylogger on you r PC then maybe you need a format?
    br0kenrabbit says: Well...
    Greg_ValveOLS says: if you can verify your account information to me i can insure that only your ip have access to it Its a new security feature were trying because this happens so muchlogin names and passwords aint safe anymroe You know. L:)
    br0kenrabbit says: Well
    Greg_ValveOLS says: dont worry this connect it secure
    br0kenrabbit says: Can I be honest with you, Greg?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: k
    br0kenrabbit says: Look, I don't know how you go this MSN account name, don't really care, either.
    br0kenrabbit says: Unlike you, I DO work for Valve. Trace my ip and you'll see.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: huh?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: bs
    br0kenrabbit says: Trace it.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: how
    br0kenrabbit says: Start/run/cmd type Tracert and then my IP address and hit enter.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: oh k
    br0kenrabbit says: As an employee, I know that Valve employees will NEVER contact users over MSN. I also know a valve employee will NEVER ask a user for his/her username and password.
    br0kenrabbit says: I'm putting a temporary hold on your Steam account.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: why?
    br0kenrabbit says: Have you read the ToS?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: Tod?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: tos
    br0kenrabbit says: terms of service
    Greg_ValveOLS says: were? br0kenrabbit says: Greg, this is a serious infraction against the Tos. You are at risk of losing your account. Greg_ValveOLS says: why
    br0kenrabbit says: I just told you why
    Greg_ValveOLS says: :(
    br0kenrabbit says: I need some information from you if you want me to unlock you account. I'm going to write you up but I will only suspend you account for three days, since this is your first infraction, okay?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: k br0kenrabbit says: First, what is the name the account is registered to. Not the user name, the persons real name who created the account. This is for verification purposes.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: xxxxx xxxxxxx
    br0kenrabbit says: Is this you?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: ya
    br0kenrabbit says: Are you the only user of this account? Greg_ValveOLS says: ya
    br0kenrabbit says: Okay, and what is the username
    Greg_ValveOLS says: xxxxxxxx
    br0kenrabbit says: Okay.
    br0kenrabbit says: I see you have purchased a few of our games, thank you. :)
    Greg_ValveOLS says: some. dude
    Greg_ValveOLS says: m
    br0kenrabbit says: Do you always log on from the same IP? Greg_ValveOLS says: ya
    br0kenrabbit says: And who is your internet providers, your ISP? Greg_ValveOLS says: xxxxxxx
    br0kenrabbit says: Thank you. One moment, please, let me verify this information.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: am i gonna be bale to play 2nite? br0kenrabbit says: What is your city of residence?
    br0kenrabbit says: That depends on if you cooperate. You're doing fine so far.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: xxxxxx
    br0kenrabbit says: Illinios?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: yes
    br0kenrabbit says: Okay. And what is the password associated with this account?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: xxxxxxx
    br0kenrabbit says: Okay. Do not try to log into steam. If you are connected now you need to log off.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: why
    br0kenrabbit says: So I can update your account.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: can I play 2 nite
    Greg_ValveOLS says: clan fight
    Greg_ValveOLS says: wont win without me heh
    br0kenrabbit says: Heh. You'll have to wait a few minutes. Are you logged off?
    Greg_ValveOLS says: ya
    br0kenrabbit says: Okay. Give me just a moment.
    br0kenrabbit says: Try to log in now.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: k
    Greg_ValveOLS says: It says login failed wtf [email protected]?
    br0kenrabbit says: Greg Greg_ValveOLS says: did u ban me???????????>WHY
    br0kenrabbit says: Greg
    Greg_ValveOLS says: what
    br0kenrabbit says: Valve will never ask for your username and password.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: what????
    br0kenrabbit says: I don't work for Valve dude, but you just got pwnt.
    Greg_ValveOLS says: omg dude wtf why?
    br0kenrabbit says: Why were you trying to steal my account? Greg_ValveOLS says: i wanst
    br0kenrabbit says: Then why were you asking for my information? Greg_ValveOLS says: i was just making a joke but not cerious honest dude just give my acount back pllllleeease i'm only 13 and save d up for like a year to buy it
    br0kenrabbit says: Greg
    Greg_ValveOLS says: dude pleas
    Greg_ValveOLS says: what
    br0kenrabbit says: Go mow some yards, bitch.
  2. Cr4zyk1dd

    Cr4zyk1dd Full Member

    This is soooo old
  3. ohcedrater

    ohcedrater Guest

    whata retard
  4. cokeaine470

    cokeaine470 New Member

    haha good one,this kid got pwned
  5. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

    fucking pwned, the little spunkbubble, lol bless him saved up a whole year huh lol. Idiot
  6. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    What a loser hahaha.
  7. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member


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