Latest counter-strike source client.gcf *June 14th 2007*

Discussion in 'GCFs/NCFs ( Game Files )' started by Binary, June 18, 2007.

  1. Binary

    Binary Member

    Thought this might be useful since I uploaded this for another forum.

  2. cackler

    cackler New Member

    June 27th was released next update. can someone upload new css client please?
  3. rpgangsta

    rpgangsta New Member

    I need the GCF for counterstrike source (update 27 June 07)!!:mad:
  4. jimthegenius

    jimthegenius New Member

    thanks if someone can. I had a side note though, I downloaded this steam pack from somewhere, i forget where. But it had these SUPER compressed images, like 4 megs that could be extracted to the full gig or whatever. Im guessing he used Winace or something like that. When people post these gcfs, why dont they do that. Does it take a long time or what
  5. willdigg

    willdigg Full Member

    i downloaded this but when i got to put it in the steammaps it doesnt come up can some1 help me?
  6. Rix

    Rix New Member

    Called minigcfs. Basiclly 90% of the actual data has been zero'ed inside them so they compress to ridiculously small sizes. However steam continues to accept them as "damaged-but-present" game files and will 'repair' them to the full game. Its a neat trick but

    1... It only works on a few games.
    2... The minigcfs get broken alot when steam updates the file and the ratio of correct data in the mini gcf drops.
    3... Creating them is a pain in the jaxy. Alot of trial and error till you get the right amount to zero for maximium compression.

    This is only one of the files you need. Counter strike source is dependant on at least 5 other gcfs...... The reason this one was uploaded specificly is because it wouldnt upgrade (through cracked steam) properly for some people.
  7. Sylar

    Sylar New Member

  8. jimthegenius

    jimthegenius New Member

    I just tried it but it still didnt work. What other gcfs is this dependant on?

    OMG NM IT WORKS THANK YOU!!! I just had to take off the under scores and replace them with spaces!!! I love counter strike!
  9. froggz19

    froggz19 New Member

    It work ..tnx
  10. cocoman

    cocoman Full Member

  11. l1k3z0mg

    l1k3z0mg Full Member

    Still don't work!, even when i take out the under scores..., it still has to do a update..

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