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Launch Games w/o Steam?

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by TibGuy, May 12, 2010.

  1. TibGuy

    TibGuy FS Member

    I want to have a low memory usage program to can run my steam games :)
  2. TibGuy

    TibGuy FS Member

    Help Section died out?
  3. Lowdown777

    Lowdown777 FS Member RESPECT ECHO419&WW3

    I don't think there is. But that would be a great idea for someone to start on.
  4. TibGuy

    TibGuy FS Member

    I thought it was like SteamUp! or something like that, I thought they were alternatives to Steam.
  5. wad92

    wad92 FS Member

  6. Jake

    Jake Full Member

  7. TibGuy

    TibGuy FS Member

    For a non-steam version, don't I need a cracked exe? If so, where can I download it?
  8. wad92

    wad92 FS Member

    Steam games do not require a cd to play therefore im thinking no

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