LivingPatch :: Version :: 13/07/2008


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LivingPatch :: Version :: 13/07/2008

It's better than Undeadpatch or DynPatch ...

Features :
+ Patch Steam.dll
+ Prevent Steam to update patched files
+ Make backup of patched files (Steam.dll and MasterServers.vdf)
+ Start Steam at the end of patch
+ Working with the latest Steam Beta
+ Adding Setti MastersServers

More information at :

Developped with Visual C++ 2008, so you need to download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Link :


Hmmm hope you did this yourself as there are no credits to anyone else.

Also hope you continue support :)

By the way, it's clean.


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So I'm assuming this downloads the shared content gcfs to download most games that other patches like the undead doesn't download?


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Yea i think he made this.
It would be better if you convert this to SMD style memory hax