LockerZ Invites - Fast

Discussion in 'Money Making!' started by ravecz, April 14, 2010.

  1. ravecz

    ravecz FS Member

    I'm sending LockerZ invites as Fast as it possible
    Want get invited?

    send email to with subject: Lockerz - Fast Invite
    to email [email protected]
    need Z-List! :D
  2. Mezedoulis

    Mezedoulis FS Member

    What's a LockerZ?
  3. ravecz

    ravecz FS Member
    there you earning points and if you got lot of points then you can redeem some good prizes
  4. pjforum

    pjforum New Member

    what is Lockerz ? and what stuffs can we get there ?

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