Lol, pacmans site(s)

lewl, I can't say I can exploit, but the forum looks kind of good to me -.-
Nice design and color.
Dude he has dozens. A couple didnt survive the last onslaught from rin hackers. At one point he had at least six and was begging anyone who could code to write a launcher for him.... fag.

The real challenge is to find one of pacmans forum thats just a gutted shell.

First one to post it wins, 3..2..1.. GO. :D

ps. unique destiny are not bad guys, they just listened to pacman before they listened to anyone else and well now they believe the pacmanian version of all events regardless.... Pacmanian oooh . I like that. Im keeping that one.
Echo gets MINUS one cookie.

Thats his current forum. I know cos im banned lol. keep looking ;)

Actually you were right first time echo.... ma bad.

But it isnt down.. It stands as a testament as to what happens when people piss off hackers. badly.

I know there are some more out there though like this.
I need to dig out my old bookmarks list.. :D
HAHA thanks echo. It brings me great pleasure.

People that can make me that angry without even trying just aint worth the effort. Its a hard learned lesson that MOST of the steam scene come to realize sooner or later...... Pacman's a leeching dick with zero skill and a warped mind.

Dont say I didnt warn ya......
lol echo, it looks like you enjoy participating in the omar.proph site from your posts