Long-life Flash memory offers 100 million rewrites

Discussion in 'News' started by FSOwner, July 15, 2008.

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    Japanese scientists have developed a new form of Flash memory that could alleviate all our fears about just how long our Flash memory will last. These new memory chips, called ferroelectric Nand Flash (FNF), can be written up to 100 million times, compared to today’s Flash memory that is thought to be limited to around 500,000 rewrites.

    FNF has additional benefits as well. Current Flash memory is only now being produced at 30 nanometres, but FNF will work at 10 nanometres. It also uses significantly less power with today’s Flash memory requiring 20 volts for rewriting, FNF needs just 6 volts.

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    This is cool, do u think u can have more possiblities in size (IE 64GB)

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