looking 4 a 6 dig. steam accnt

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why would u wont a lower steam id... its your own fault for cheating and getting banned no one would give you it for $20 >.> well someone might but they are stupid i have a 4 dig steam account /dance
$20 is a really cheap offer from you. And the only reason that I can think of is so you can show off. To most players who play CS...the WONID people...SteamID's doesn't matter since it was just used at the beginning of 1.6. So you could have signed up for steam as soon as it was available and you got a low steamid...it still doesn't prove that you've been playing for a long time or you're a good player.

Don't hack next time! That's the only reason I can think of too...lol.
if you dont hack then why the hell would you want a low digit one so desperately ????

thats just lonely
idk maby he is trying to look good and wants all the css nerds to respect him

your a bit off the topic arent you guys?

The guy is asking for a specific steam , he made an offer and you guys are bagging him out like that ?

Just be friendly and BE ON TOPIC you are not in a chatroom.
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