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Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, May 21, 2013.

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    • 11 April 2013
      • Update the game so it uses the latest PhysX version (9.12.1031)

    • 15 April 2013
      • Fixes for some startup and in-game crashes
      • Fix for mouse lag issue
      • Support of nVidia Optimus chip (requires nVidia drivers >= 302)
      • Fixed - "sometimes trees are black when shadows are turned off"
      • Resolved - Game startup at very low resolution
      • Some minor fixes
    • 22 April 2013
      • Some reported crashes has been fixed
      • Fixed a block if you are kicked out from the competition skipping the match
      • If the archive has been corrupt during the download, now the user receives a message
    • 09 May 2013
      • Some reported crashes has been fixed
      • Graphical improvements on some UIs
      • Added pause button on Tactical editor, Club Info, Challenges, Competitions and Market
    • 21 May 2013
      • Fergie time
      • Pause button bugfixing

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