Magicka Update Released

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    Patch – We have some new fixes for you today, mostly related to network.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes allow Alucart and Necromancers to be used where they weren’t supposed to
    • Improved the way in which players get revived during network play which previously had a high risk of making games desynch
    • Reduced the risk of crashing in scene transitions during network play
    • Fixed an issue where players using a 4:3 resolution ratio would get stuck in one of the scenes in The Stars are Left Chapter 3
    • Fixed a crash when players spawn too many entities using staff summoning abilities (guess)
    • Fixed a crash that would occur if players skipped the credits in Other Side of the Coin
    • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in a cutscene in Chapter 12 as a result of freezing one of the bosses
    • Loading screens have been improved; many players report that they get stuck in loading screens, especially during online play. What actually happens many times is that the game loads a lot of things and it looks like the bar is stuck. This should now be better visualized.
    • Reduced risk of game freezing during different parts of the game
    • The Were-Zompire claws special effect no longer works on bosses
    • Fixed a localization issue with the Rogue Robe
    • Fixed an issue with Leaderboards for the "Invasion of Elwenhüs" challenge level
    • Fixed an issue where Vlad sometimes would disappear during his fights.
    • The Quick Join have been optimized to prioritize LAN games


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