make big boom

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Ok guys i know some of you like to blow shit up so i decided to teach you how to do it with house hold materials...

--------- SNIPPED BY RIX ------------

hacking tut? yes. cracking tuts? yes.
but Im sorry dude. ive gotta say no bomb making tuts.
We're not al-kieda ffs. lol.

If you want to know how to blow your own hand off please just pm nixon5.

omfg - walks away shaking head and laughing
--------- SNIPPED BY RIX ------------


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erm... fuck me?
I didnt realise freesteam was making bomb tuts now... lol.
Jesus christ.

I dont know wether to delete this post, laugh at it, or just be REALLY REALLY afraid.

EDIT: Yeah i made my mind up. lol
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