Making an Invisible folder..

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Follow these steps and you will get an invisible folder!

Step 1:
Create a new folder in any directory you want, ex: on your desktop.

Step 2:
Right-click on the folder... go on properties. Click on the third tab and click personalize.

Step 3:
Find an empty square where there is nothing inside, something like this:

Step 4:
Click on of them then as you see there is only words now on your icon that says New Folder or w/e you named it.
Now, rename the icon to this: hold ALT and type 0160, then let go of ALT.
It should then look like this

And your done =]


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Yah I posted in case some others did not see it on the old forum.. just putting some stuff back =/


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i saw this before it is a nice trick but noticeable at times.. anyway i have my own pc ... i have porn on my desktop >.>


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If your going to post my tutorial than at least have my name as a source.
Either way, Good to keep things alive :)

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LOL sarev, what you going to put in there, viruses that can't function but will get detected by an AV scan?


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haha no i meant hide like all the shortcuts on the desktop in that folder, or something more pointless ;D


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knew this trick already..

A program called XP Manager actually goes one step further makes the folder act and open as a file unless you manually type where it is.


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wtf... make a new thread in teh right section...

nobody is going to help you if you just put it in random places
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