Mass Effect 2 Update Released

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    Updates to Mass Effect 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

    Mass Effect 2
    • Fixed video hitching and crashes related to single core machines
      • Single core users may experience short periods of black screen that may last up a few seconds between level loads, cinematic transitions or movies
      • In rare cases, some single core users may notice dialog lines in certain conversations may be delayed up to a few seconds
    • Fixed an issue where it appears ammunition can be picked up, but can't
    • Fixed an issue where all Codex entries were marked as 'viewed', even if the player chose not to view them
    • Fixed an issue where weapon icons are re-organized after downloadable content is used
    • Fixed an issue where pressing F9 after the mission completion screen reset Shepard to Level 1
    • Fixed an issue where remapping the right mouse button blocks camera control in the command HUD
    • Fixed an issue where remapping the 'use' command affects the decryption minigame
    • Fixed an issue where users were not prompted to restart when logging in to a different EA Online account
    • Fixed an issue where movies do not play in DLC
    • It is recommended that players reset their keyboard mapping to default values to ensure proper vehicle control
    • Added useful messaging during the ME1 save game import
    • Weapon icon for henchmen never changes from Collector Assault Rifle
    • Czech language - Issues with Czech localization (subtitles) were amended, all text was corrected and improved
    • Fixed an issue where the Mass Effect 2 launcher was being associated with files that have no extension

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