Microsoft HealthVault and RelayHealth to Connect Doctors and Patients

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    Microsoft Corp. today announced a strategic collaboration with RelayHealth, McKesson Corp.’s connectivity business, to accelerate and improve the relationship between doctors and patients. Together, Microsoft HealthVault and RelayHealth will enable affordable patient connectivity with doctors’ offices and hospitals so patients can have security-enhanced, easy online access to medical care, information and records.

    HealthVault will provide physicians using RelayHealth’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with the technology to facilitate enhanced online patient service and communications. Physicians can easily employ the RelayHealth service, which includes electronic prescribing, through a Web browser as the initial step toward clinical automation of their practice. The service is also designed to integrate with electronic medical record systems already in use. For patients, the combined solution allows access to their personal health information and an online interaction with their personal physician.

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